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Supervisors Association of Ireland

Certified Cross-Professional Supervisor

Carmel is certified by the Supervisors Association of Ireland and holds a master’s degree in supervisory practice with distinction and commendation. Her training is in a cross-professional approach thus equipping her for supervising across the helping professions. She has a particular interest in the supervision of spiritual directors, spiritual practitioners, complimentary therapist, pastors, ministers and chaplains.

Her approach is influenced by the innovative work of Dr. Geraldine Holton and her development of Cross-Professional Supervision and the Wisdom Model which is a model that gives attention to meaning making, mystery and wisdom. It is a contemplative, creative, collaborative and compassionate approach to supervision all of which is characteristic of the Professional Diploma in Cross-Professional Supervision training at An Croí Wisdom Institute.

Supervision is a support for helping professionals offering an opportunity for reflective practice, reflection on practice for the well-being of clients, supervisees and organisations.

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Cross-Professional Supervision informative/ reflective video


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