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Certified Life-Cycle Celebrant

Carmel is a trained and certified ‘Life-Cycle Celebrant’ for weddings, funerals and other life transition. She was drawn to this training because of her recognition of the changes taking place for many Irish people who were no longer wanting to get married in the church. The alternative at that time was a secular ceremony in a registry office or a humanists ceremony where there was no place for spirituality. Carmel felt that while Church participation was declining dramatically, and understandably so, Irish people still have a strong spiritual sense and she wanted to provide ceremonies that honoured that spiritual core. Her training, which took place in the United States, equipped her for inter-spiritual ceremonies across traditions where ultimately the creation of a ceremony is in service of the people involved regardless of their tradition or indeed non. Since her training in 2014 the landscape has changed dramatically and many now are training as celebrants and there are many options available today.

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