Retreat facilitator and spiritual teacher

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Carmel has become a popular retreat facilitator and spiritual teacher. Many who initially attended her performances desired to go deeper and so she responded to invitations to offer retreats ranging from mini-retreats to facilitating eight-day retreats. The key theme for these retreats was inspired by her interpretation of a Celtic Christian Spirituality that in her opinion holds much richness and inspiration for a contemporary spirituality. Her own psycho-spiritual learning, experience and development and her exposure to the writings of Christian mystics and contemporary spiritualities has led to the wide range of spiritual themes she now offers at her retreats and sacred performances. She also facilitated retreats, missions and workshops with her companion in ministry Dr. Geraldine Holton.

Many have described her as a spiritual teacher recognising how, through her exploration of the spiritual life, her efforts to live a spiritually centred life and the unique power of her songs she offers perennial wisdom and an opportunity to experience Divine Presence, healing and love and be renewed and transformed by it.

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