Spiritual Guide

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Certified Spiritual Director/Guide

Carmel is a Certified Spiritual Director/Guide with the All Ireland Spiritual Guidance Association and Spiritual Directors International. Her training for this ministry includes an internship training over many years with Dr. Maureen Conroy. She has also trained as a Soul-Based Counsellor and holds a Diploma in Counselling, a Teacher Diploma in Dancing the Rainbow and certification in Mindfulness Training, all of which are a resource for her work as a spiritual guide/director.

As a practitioner of spiritual accompaniment she has twenty years of experience to bring to this ministry. As a spiritual guide she offers a Contemplative, Creative, Celtic and Compassionate approach, all of which are features of the An Croí Spiritual Guidance training which blends and builds on the teachings and training of Dr.Maureen Conroy with the experience and research of Dr. Geraldine Holton and Carmel herself.

Spiritual Guidance is for anyone who wishes to grow in their relationship with the Holy One, the Great Mystery or whatever way this Divine power is named by individuals. Whilst her Catholic background has had a major influence in her own life, her approach to spiritual guidance is inter-spiritually inclusive and holistic.

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