An Croí Wisdom Institute

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 An Croí Wisdom Institute

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Co-founder of An Croí Wisdom Institute

Carmel is co-founder of An Croí with Dr. Geraldine Holton, which was founded in 1995 in response to a changing spiritual landscape, a landscape that continues to change and that they both continue to respond to. An Croí, which means the heart, has been innovative especially in the area of spirituality and supervision. The evolving process of An Croí has seen a variety of name changes from An Croí Holistic Centre to the current An Croí Wisdom Institute. An Croí has also over the years been engaged in several academic collaborations with Milltown Institute and All Hallows College and internationally with Sacred Thread Ministries. Currently the professional training programmes are recognised by professional organisations including the Supervisors Association of Ireland and All Ireland Spiritual Guidance Association.


An Croí Wisdom Institute is described as a centre for psycho-spiritual training and well-being. Psycho-spiritual involves the blending of the two key disciplines that underly An Croí Programmes, that of spirituality and psychology. Programmes have gained an excellent reputation for academic and professional training and practice standards. At the core of An Croí programmes is supporting psycho-spiritual wellbeing for helping professionals thus impacting the well-being of individuals and organisation. For those who participate in Enrichment programmes like ‘Living with Soul’ or SoulCollage™’ or ‘one to one sessions’ with practitioners, the focus is on a personal psycho-spiritual well-being which impacts all relationships. An Croí has grown organically out of the experience, talents and education of its co-founders. It is an expansion of Carmel’s work as a musician and spiritual practitioner and Geraldine’s background in professional practice as a psychotherapist, supervisor, spiritual guide and trainer and her innovative leadership as an educator. They both held positions as assistant school principals in their respective academies and there is no doubt that all of this experience has contributed to An Croí’s  development as a Wisdom Institute. While An Croí Wisdom Institute is relatively small it has however contributed hugely to the profession of supervision, the ministry of spiritual guidance and the overall psycho-spiritual well-being of all who have availed of their programmes.


An Croí is located at Tullyallen, Drogheda, Co. Louth, in the heart of Ireland’s spiritually potent Boyne Valley area, close to ancient Brú na Boinne (Newgrange), Mellifont Abbey, Monasterboice, Slane and the site of the Battle of the Boyne. Carmel is a native of the area and the landscape provides the perfect backdrop for their inspirational work.

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