Carmel Boyle :

  1. A Thin Place (2017)

2. Mirror of Eternity (2016)

3. Pilgrim Voyage (2014)

Recently composed songs based on the theme of voyage. This recording is different from previous recordings with mostly refrains and chants that are simple and intentionally repetitive and including a version of two traditional songs, ‘Speed Bonnie Boat’ and ‘The Water is Wide’. These songs were first composed and performed to accompany the story of St Brendan the Navigator at a retreat with Cynthia Bourgault. They beg participation and are filled with themes for navigating the spiritual journey with hope and courage, across the symbolic deep ocean of spiritual growth toward the ultimate horizon, ‘the land promised to the saints’.

  • The Land promised to the saints
  • Steer safely
  • The Power of Now
  • Speed Bonnie Boat
  • The Water is Wide
  • Pilgrim Voyage
  • I hear a voice calling
  • Take Notice and Let Go
  • You’re  a Star
  • I stand on Holy Ground
  • In the name of the Three

4. Only Love (2013)

A selection of Nana Mouskouri hits including:

  • Only Love
  • The Loving Song
  • Maybe this time
  • Try to remember
  • Over and Over
  1. Dance with Me (2010)

This is a long awaited recording after a long silence. Out of the long silence, due to ‘life circumstances’, has emerged an inspiring selection of songs and a noticeable deepening in timbre. Songs are again influenced by themes from the Celtic Tradition and the spiritual journey. There is a fresh invitation to participation, with simple choruses that were often part of her presentations but not always included in recordings. These ritually friendly songs are juxtaposed with songs of real depth and spiritual experience.

Songs include:

  • Dance with Me
  • I AM
  • The Shepherd Song
  • Help Me
  • Linger Lovingly
  • Carry Us
  • Let the waters flow
  • Follow the wind
  • I open my eyes to you
  • I Wish you the Light
  • dance-with-me-2
  1. We Will Remember (with reflections by Geraldine Holton) (2001)

A selection of songs composed by Carmel Boyle interwoven with inspiring reflections composed and narrated by Geraldine Holton. The title song was composed for the dedication of the tower of remembrance at Stirling New Jersey for the families affected by the tragedy of 9/11. The theme is universal in that it honours the memory of those who have gone before us. The celtic influence is evident in several of the tracks including the Irish Blessing- ‘May the road Rise to meet you’, ‘Circle me O God’ based on St. Patrick’s Breastplate and ‘Tar Anuas’- Come upon us Holy Spirit.

Songs include:

  • We Will Remember – a song composed for the families affected by the tragedy of September 11 at Stirling New Jersey
  • May the Road Rise to Meet You -The Irish Blessing
  • Circle me O God -based on St. Patrick’s Breastplate
  • Be Still
  • Tar anuas
  • Touch the Earth-composed by Cathy Sherman arranged by Carmel
  • Sacred Space
  • Seasons
  1. A Christmas Blessing

A selection of songs for the Christmas season

  • Star
  • Drummer Boy
  • Silent Night
  • Holy Night
  • Promise Fulfilled
  • What Child is this
  • A Christmas Blessing
  1. White Wings and Roses (based on poetry of St Therese) (2001)

This selection of songs, composed and sung by Carmel Boyle, are inspired by the poetry of St. Therese of Liseaux. Carmel was approached by a Carmelite priest who asked her to consider writing a song to honour St. Therese and he sent her poetry and writings of the saint known as ‘The Little Flower’. These writings spoke to Carmel at a very deep level. She began a journey with the saint that was to lead to the composing of ten songs based on her poetry. Carmel gave the first performances of these songs during the pilgrimage of the saint’s relics to Ireland and has facilitated retreats on the theme. The recording is simple withvery few instruments. They are a profound and intimate interpreting of the poetry of st Therese that speak of the rich interior life and prayer of the great saint. They are a musical interpretation of the saints ‘Little Way’.

Some songs include:

  • Behold
  • Just for today
  • Unpettalled Rose
  • Magnificat
  • Come into my heart
  • Rock you tenderly
  • Joy is in my heart
  • Living on love
  1.  Celtic Dawn (based on Celtic prayers) (1998)

These songs composed and sung by Carmel Boyle are inspired by translations of ancient Celtic prayers collected in Ireland and Scotland. The themes and prayers are rooted in the unique expression of Celtic Christianity from 6th century to 10th century, a period described at the Golden Era of Celtic Christianity. They are songs of prayer and devotion that invoke the Trinity and the angels and saints. Through Carmel’s contemporary interpretation these ancient prayers and themes still have the power speak to the Celtic Christian heart today.

Song titles include

  • Mary of the Gael
  • Shield
  • Guardian Angel
  • Trinity Anthem
  • Kindling Song
  • Smooring Song
  • Healer of my Heart
  • The Eye of God
  • Deep Peace
  • Mind of God
  1. Celtic Songs of Earth and Heaven (with Briege O Hare) (1990)

This is a recording by Carmel Boyle of songs composed for her by Sr. Briege O Hare. This is Carmel’s second collaboration with Briege and her first recording of songs inspired by the Celtic Christian spiritual tradition. Lyrics are based on prayers collected by Alexander Carmichael in the Carmina Gadelica and further interpreted by Esther de Waal in The Celtic Vision. The music is simple and powerful. The songs make a journey through the rhythm of the day from Morning Prayer to Night prayer, a journey that is made in the company of angels and saints.

Songs include:

  • In the likeness of Jesus
  • Being of Life
  • Night Prayer
  • Journey Blessing
  • Morning Prayer
  • Invocation
  • Behold the Virgin
  1. Seeking Wholeness (songs of the spiritual journey)

This recording is a compilation of two albums that were originally available in cassette form.  They have been re-edited and a selection chosen for this compilation recording. They are songs that have been inspired by Carmel’s spiritual journey. They express the reflections of a spiritual seeker and the highs and lows of a healing journey and path to spiritual unfolding. It is a personal journey that has a resonance for others seeking healing and wholeness.

  • You are the lamp He is the Light
  • You healed me
  • Brokenness made Whole
  • My Child
  • You touched me
  • Second chance
  • The truth of who I am
  • Nothing is impossible
  1. Close to You (Selection of some popular contemporary hymns)

Over the years Carmel has often sung at funerals and these songs are a selection of songs that she often sang on such occasions. They are songs of comfort and hope in challenging times. They are well known hymns composed by popular contemporary American Christian songwriters.

Songs include:

  • Be not afraid
  • I watch the sunrise
  • Lay your hands
  • Deep calls to deep
  • I will never forget you
  • Pie Jesu
  • Come to me all who labour
  • I thank my God each time I think of you
  1. Valley of the Boyne (Selection of Irish ballads)

This recording was made over twenty years ago and was originally available on cassette. It was recently made available in CD format. It contains a selection of well know Irish ballads which were part of Carmel’s repertoire in her Irish Cabaret days. Also included is an original composition by Carmel inspired by the beautiful Boyne Valley area.

Songs include;

  • The Spinning Wheel
  • Danny Boy
  • The town I love so well
  • Valley of the Boyne
  • Old Rustic Bridge
  • Home I’ll be
  • Raglan Road
  1. Taste the Hidden Sweetness (letters of St. Clare with Briege O Hare)

This is Carmel’s first collaboration with composer Sr. Briege O Hare. It is a song cycle inspired by the letters of St. Clare of Assisi to Blessed Agnes of Prague. They are songs of the inner life based on letters of spiritual direction and support. They demonstrate spiritual friendship and a deep commitment to the interior life and a profound expression of love for God.

Songs include:

  • You have chosen life
  • Gaze upon the Lord
  • Before I say farewell
  • Give thanks to the giver of life
  • Make yourself beautiful
  1. There is Love

There is Love was Carmel’s first recording of spiritually orientated songs. The recording was for Veritas Publications and the songs were suitable for singing at weddings. This recording is not available at the moment.

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