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singing my soul retreat

Retreat in your own time,in your own space! From June 23rd

Singing My Soul

Online Retreat with Carmel Boyle

Singing My Soul is a series of online four-day guided retreats presented by Carmel Boyle inspired by her large repertoire of original sacred songs and her deep spirituality. Carmel who is a native of Ireland and co-founder of An Croí Wisdom Institute and An Croí Beguines, has been composing inspirational songs and presenting them in retreat and concert settings in a unique ministry that spans four decades. She has recorded more than a hundred songs with at least a dozen albums to her credit. Her songs are influenced by her Celtic Christian heritage, Christian Mystics and themes of spiritual unfolding. Carmel, who is also a spiritual director and supervisor, offers this invitation to contemplative prayer and Divine encounter.

Carmel’s retreats are creative expressions of Spirit through song, poetry, story and simple ritual, in an atmosphere that facilitates contemplation of Divine Presence that is active in our life stories, the stories of those who have gone before us and the story that is  unfolding today.

Participants who attend Carmel’s retreats describe ‘being moved, inspired, encouraged, blessed, healed and experiencing the touch of the Divine’. These online retreats with Carmel are a new venture but there is no doubt that the format of these retreats will no less touch the soul and provide nourishment and inspiration in challenging times.

 Singing My Soul Retreat Series: A Celtic Heart                                                                     Themes include:-

  1. A Pilgrim Soul Thin Places and Thin Times
  2. Divine Feminine & Earth’s Call 4. Blessing, Healing and Protection

Online Retreats include:-

  • A Four-day retreat experience that can be followed in your own time and own space.
  • Live presentations of Carmel as she shares her sacred songs and reflections
  • Guided reflective contemplative practices, ritual and meditation
  • Guided learning and reading to be followed in your own time.
  • Spiritually focussed conversation with Carmel.
  • Certificate for CPD or CEU can be provided to professional participants.

This may require an additional written piece of reflection on the experience.

Process of Participation

  1. Sign up by email or websites or
  2. Payment via online learning platform
  3. Retreat Investment is $200 /€180.
  4. Material will be shared on learning platform plus video conferencing sessions.


More Four-Day ‘Singing My Soul’ Retreats with Carmel Boyle


  1. A Mystical Soul
  2. A Feminine Spirit
  3. A Song of Gratitude
  4. A Story of Becoming
  5. A Spirit of Contemplation