Singing My Soul Online Retreat


Singing My Soul Online Retreat with Carmel Boyle

singing my soul retreat  A Celtic Heart

Retreat in your own time,in your own space!

August 4th,5th,6th &7th

Singing My Soul is a series of online four-day guided retreats presented by Carmel Boyle inspired by her large repertoire of original sacred songs and her deep spirituality. Carmel who is a native of Ireland and co-founder of An Croí Wisdom Institute and An Croí Beguines, has been composing inspirational songs and presenting them in retreat and concert settings in a unique ministry that spans four decades. She has recorded more than a hundred songs with at least a dozen albums to her credit. Her songs are influenced by her Celtic Christian heritage, Christian Mystics and themes of spiritual unfolding. Carmel, who is also a spiritual director and supervisor, offers an invitation to contemplative prayer and Divine encounter.

Carmel’s retreats are creative expressions of Spirit through song, poetry, story and simple ritual, in an atmosphere that facilitates contemplation of Divine Presence that is active in our life stories, the stories of those who have gone before us and the story that is  unfolding today.

Participants who attend Carmel’s retreats describe ‘being moved, inspired, encouraged, blessed, healed and experiencing the touch of the Divine’. These online retreats with Carmel are a new venture but there is no doubt that the format of these retreats will no less touch the soul and provide nourishment and inspiration in challenging times.

 Singing My Soul Retreat Series: A Celtic Heart                                                                     Themes include:-

  1. Pilgrim Soul 2.Thin Places and Thin Times
  2. Divine Feminine  4. Blessing and Return

Online Retreats include:-

  • The Four-day retreat experience that can be followed in your own time, at your own pace and in your own space. Presentations are posted on a learning platform each day of the retreat which participants can access at any time and remains available for two weeks after the end of the retreat.
  • Each day there is one live zoom session for the duration of 60-90mins facilitated by Carmel. This is an integrative spiritual guidance session.
  •  What is available on the learning platform each day?
  • Recorded presentations by Carmel Boyle each day that includes her sacred song, story, poetry and reflections on the theme of the day. Presentation of songs pre-recorded in retreat-like sessions.
  • Guided reflective contemplative prayer and integrative practices
  • Guided learning and reading material that Participants can follow in their own time.
  • A guests in conversation with Carmel related to theme of the day
  • Certificate for CPD or CEU can be provided to professional participants.

This may require an additional written piece of reflection on the experience.

Process of Participation

  1. Sign up by sending an email  expressing interest or send registration form to
  2. You can also pay using paypal from either of the following websites or
  3. Retreat Investment is $200 /€180.
  4. Material will be shared on learning platform plus video conferencing sessions.


You can register for the retreat by sending an email to  or

Click below for registration form and after you fill it in return by email to                        or

Here is the registration from:- Singing My Soul registration form

Payment for the Retreat

Option 1.

You can access payment for the retreat either on or where you will find the paypal option. By making payment you are automatically registered. After this you will receive an email link to our online learning platform where the retreat material will be posted during the retreat.

Option 2.

Following receipt of your email confirmation of interest to committing to the retreat you will be forwarded an email link to our online learning platform where you can register for the retreat directly there with your credit card.

  • Due to Covid 19 many are confined to their own homes and even their own rooms so if there is more than one person in the same household or community who wish to participate then a discount is available. For this please contact me directly.
Cancellation policy

Full refund ten days prior to retreat commencement

Transfer to another retreat offering seven days prior to commencement

Less than seven days no refund

If for any unforeseen circumstance the retreat facilitator has to cancel the retreat then those registered are entitled to a full refund.

Some information for retreat participants

Singing My Soul: Four-day Online Retreats
with singer/songwriter and spiritual guide Carmel Boyle  

Title: A Celtic Heart

August 4th,5th,6th & 7th

Limited to a maximum of 12 participants

What to expect during this retreat    

This four-day online retreat is an experiential contemplative retreat that includes video presentations, guided learning and reading, guided reflective and contemplative practices and an optional live video conference group spiritual guidance/ integration session with Carmel on each day.

  • It is hoped that as a retreatant you will engage with the presentation on the theme each day and the online resources posted on the learning platform. You will need to arrange your schedule in such a way that there is as few interruptions or distractions during your retreat time as possible within the practicalities of your life.
  • The focus of the live online zoom group session will be a reflection on the daily theme and your experience of engaging with the theme of the day. Although you are encouraged to share from your own personal spiritual experience, it is up to you to decide want to share.
  • This retreat will be facilitated largely in a contemplative and experiential way, which means that you will be personally responsible for creating space for yourself to reflect, to engage in contemplative and creative practices and to help foster contemplative reflection.
  • You are strongly encouraged to keep a creative prayer journal in which you capture your own experiences and learning during the retreat. Such a journal will be invaluable in tracking interior movements, the touches of the Divine and also as a way of noting changes in your ways of being and praying which you may like to follow up on at a later stage with an ‘Anamchara’ / Spiritual Guide.
  • Enrolling in this retreat carries with it a commitment to create a sacred space for yourself and due to the sacred nature of the retreat process, confidentiality, pertaining to sharing, is of the utmost importance.

A few reflective questions to help you to prepare:

  • What is your sense of where you are in your journey of spiritual unfolding?
  • Are there any recent significant turning points?
  • What do you desire as you commit to this retreat time?

Trust that the Creative Spirit will guide you to where you need to go during these days of retreat

In your own time, in your own space

  • This retreat is flexible and you can engage with the materials in your own time and pace.
  • Materials will remain available from August 4th – August 18th
  • Below is a suggested schedule to help with your planning.
  • The only fixed time is the optional group spiritual guidance /integrations session at 8pm GMT/ 3pmEST

Suggested Daily Schedule

Resources uploaded each morning and participant reflect with the material at their own pace.

Morning: 9am EST 2pm GMT  Video Conference for orientation on first morning

Orientation Video Session   30min

Video presentation on a theme 90 mins – 120mins approx ( The presentation can be watched at your own pace with pause points included in the video}

Song- Singing My Soul (10-15mins)

Contemplative practices (60mins)

Online live group session with Carmel Boyle    (90 mins approx. 8pm GMT / 3pm EST.)

Times are approximate

Click below to download further details for retreatants regarding                                                                                retreat agreements and retreat component details:-Singing my Soul the sacred contract for participants

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